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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Stay fit, Improve your body with core strength training

One of the most important parts of your workout routine is core strength training. What you are going to find is that these exercises help to improve the muscles that are essential for the transfer of energy in your body. These core muscles in turn are the ones that are most used when you are participating in sporting events and running.
Your muscles in this core region include the abdominal muscles, the muscles in your hip are and the muscles along your spine. This means that no single exercise is going to give you the core strength training that you need and that you will need to incorporate a series of exercises if you want to end up with the best results possible.
The following is a list of 15 exercises that you can do to help boost the strength of these muscles. It is recommended you have a medicine ball, stability ball and a desire for a shredded midsection on hand to ensure that you can successfully do all these exercises.
Improving Your Body With Core Strength Training Exercises
  • Prone Bridge
  • Lateral Bridge
  • Supine Bridge
  • Pelvic Thrusts
  • Russian Twists
  • Lunges
  • Lateral Pull Downs
  • Deadlifts
  • Crunches
  • Bear Crawls
  • Jump Squats
  • Cleans
  • Box Jumps
  • Squatted Dumbell Press
  • Leg Raises
When you have gone through these core strength training exercises, you are going to find that you have quite a few benefits that will come from it. These benefits will include everything from improved balance and control, to moving in a more efficient manner. You'll even find that when you utilize these exercises regularly, you are going to have better athletic performance with fewer injuries experienced.
While you're doing your core strength training, it will be important that you do focus on improving on each workout you do. As you increase the amount of weight you lift and the number of reps you do, you slowly build up your body strength. You might even consider setting a day aside during your lifting routine strictly for core work. Try performing each of the above mentioned exercises for 2 sets a piece and see how you feel.
Above all, you need to ensure that you're including a healthy diet with your exercise routines. By doing that, you can be confident that you are getting the essential nutrients like complex carbohydrates and lean proteins that your body is going to need to remain energized and to ensure that your muscles can continue to rebuild and grow.
Alright insider's, that's it for this one. Your core strength training can consist of any exercises you choose. Just make sure that you don't overwork any area for more than a couple of days in a row and give the different sections of your body a few days of rest to ensure that you don't overwork your muscles as the growth and strength you end up having will occur during your recovery time.
To your fitness success!
David McCready is the founder of Game Strength Insider found at He specializes in helping athletes and average Joes alike, gain long term lean muscle mass, strength and cardiovascular conditioning without gimmicks, supplements or fad dieting. © 2012 Game Strength Insider. All rights in all media reserved

Things to Know about Water Aerobics Classes

In this busy life where we eat fast food and spend most of our day time sitting in the office, the role of excising is becoming more and more significant. People often choose one type of sport to help them keep fit and also relax their mind.

Aerobics is one type of sport which can surely help them to exercise and burn fat which accumulates on their body overtime. Unlike many people think, burning fat is not a very challenging task. What you need is hard work, a your devotion to the task at hand. But, it's real that people who are excessively fat will find it hard to take part in any sport activities. They even have difficulties using the exercising machines - like a treadmill properly. Self-exercising at home can easily make these highly obese people feel discouraged. Therefore, they need to get involved in proper training initially to reduce some of their weight before they can do normal exercises.

A great way to reduce weight without much hard work is to do water aerobics. Aerobics, when performed under water, can definitely reduce a significant amount of weight for these people.

Aerobics is becoming more and more popular these days as people realise how useful it is in helping them to lose weight. This is the reason why there are more and more people signing up for water aerobics class on a daily basis. If you are new to this type of sport, let me tell you some interesting things about it. It is an aerobics class which is taken in the water under the help of an aqua jogger. This jogger helps the participants to stay suspended in the water and easily move about.

Because this type of sport is popular, you can find it being taught at almost every health clubs and also at big swimming pools. If this is the first time you do this sport, remember to choose health clubs with a good reputation and experienced training experts. Do not worry while doing it because you will be instructed by professional experts.

The benefits water aerobics classes bring you are clear and undeniable. You participate in the sport with other people who have the same desire to lose weight like you, so you will not lose your enthusiasm easily. The good thing is that this sport does not require hard work. You can enjoy the fun for an extended period of time without feeling exhausted. Before joining any water aerobics classes, make sure you keep in mind the things listed below. In summary, if you have tried other conventional methods to lose weight but failed, why don't you give water aerobics a chance?

MichelleJGoss Michelle G. Ross is a water aerobics instructor. She loves reading, travelling, sharing her water aerobics routines for those who are interested in this type of sport.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Work out at work, top 10 exercises to do in your office

Beating the struggle to get fit and stay healthy doesn’t mean you always need to visit the gym, run around the park or get on your bike and complete a cross country tour.

You can get fit and stay healthy while you are at work whether in an office, factory or workshop. Here are 10 ideas to get yourself fit and stay healthy while at work:

Exercise in the office, use the stairs

1. Use the stairs rather than the elevator (lift in the UK). I've seen people take the elevator just to go up one floor, you probably have too. Be different, take the stairs.

2. If you’re in the elevator alone and it has railings, view them as parallel bars and lift your self several times (do several repetitions) to strengthen your arm muscles.

3. Get up from your chair, walk over and speak to that colleague you were just about to email.

4. Rather than have lunch at your desk, when the weather is agreeable, take a walk outside and find a bench where you can sit and eat. You’ll also find this can give you a fresh perspective on a problem you might have had trouble with tackling.

5. Make it your goal to never stay chained to your desk for more than two hours.

6. Perform straight leg lifts from the chair, or knee lifts. Sit in the chair, extend your legs and lift them up to a 45 degree angle (or a little lower.) For knee lifts, bring your butt to the edge of the chair, squeeze your knees together and try to touch them to your chest. This last exercise is probably best done while your colleagues aren't around

7. How about stretch exercises? You can do these, without fear of embarrassment. Stretch the arms in an attempt to touch the ceiling. Stretch your leg out in front while sitting so they are at right angles to your body. While doing this exercise try to stretch your feet too so they are nearly parallel with the floor.

Exercise in the office, take in gym equipment

8. If you have a liberal work environment, why not bring into your office a Floor Pedal Exerciser. These are inexpensive machines you can buy for under US $50. The more sophisticated machines come with a digital display to monitor your progress.

If your bosses don’t mind, you could put the exerciser on the desk and use it to exercise your arm muscles. Who knows, you could be the one that starts an office craze with these machines.

9. One unobtrusive exercise you can do is glutial squeezes or butt muscle squeezes while sitting in your chair. The benefit is that no one will notice. Squeeze your gluteals, otherwise known as the muscles that make up your butt, as tight as you can and hold for 10 seconds.

Release your contraction and rest for five seconds before repeating the sequence for 10 repetitions. The benefits from this exercise can help you with another exercise, climbing stairs. Without strong butt muscles, you may find your body tires easily after climbing a few flights of stairs.

10. If you have your own office, or you are one of the first to arrive or last to leave why not use the isolation to do a few pushups. You can also use your office chair if it has arm rests to push yourself up from the seat. Choose to do it in full view of your colleagues or, discreetly.

Working in a non manual job still gives you plenty of opportunities to beat the struggle to get fit and stay healthy.