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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Beat the struggle to stay fit and improve your memory

If you're like me, despite all the good intentions it's still a struggle to stay fit. Exercising we all know is good for body especially the heart, but it may be no surprise that it's equally as good for the brain. And when it comes to relying on memory it's the brain we depend on.

Anyone who has ever tackled a StairMaster has a pretty good idea of what happens to your body when you break a sweat. But here's what's going on in your head at the same time: All that extra blood bathes your brain cells in oxygen and glucose, which they need to function. The more they get, the better they perform.  So what easy exercises can you do that can stimulate the brain and help your memory?

This is a very easy exercise, doesn't need special equipment, you don't even have to change your clothes into gym wear and you can do it anywhere. A couple of the goals of this exercise is to clear a foggy or dull head.

If you found the exercise in the video not sufficiently strenuous try other moderate-intensity exercises, such as swimming, stair climbing, tennis, squash, or dancing. 

Don’t forget that household activities can count as well, such as intense floor mopping, raking leaves, or anything that gets your heart pumping so much that you break out in a light sweat.

Here are 4 tips to exercise your way to a better memory:
  1. Walk briskly to your destination from where you park the car. Or, combine this with parking the car that bit further from your destination. I park my car just under a mile away from the train station and it involves climbing a hill on the return journey
  2. If you catch the bus to work get off at a stop earlier than you do normally, combine this with getting on at the next stop from the one you normally get the bus
  3. Do you normally take lunch at your desk or in the staff restaurant? Take a walk to buy your lunch and take the longer route back to the office
  4. Buy some hand weights, if don't have any, and pump up those muscles, remembering to warm up and cool down for each exercise routine by stretching out.
And finally, nothing to do with physical exercise, challenge yourself to memorise a 20 digit number, this video shows you how.