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Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Principle of Elderly Fitness

How do old people do scientific bodybuilding? They should follow the following principles. For old people, aerobic exercise should come first. What is aerobic exercise? Simply speaking, it is kind of sports activities with moderate intensity. Strictly speaking, heart rate should reach 70% to 75% of the highest rate when doing aerobic exercise.
There are aerobic exercise programs suitable for elderly people: jogging, going quickly, swimming, dancing, mountaineering, climbing stairs, riding a bicycle and doing some ball games. The characteristics of these projects can be long time or short time, breathing more averagely. According to body condition, people can also talk with companions when doing exercise. If people master appropriate intensity without physical fatigue the effect of exercise will not be so good, but excessive fatigue will bring adverse effects to the body.
But how do people master appropriate intensity? Judging from the appearance, after the activity people have no obvious asthma, no uncomfortable tachycardia feelings, and have increased appetite, improved sleep, after the next morning, blood pressure and pulse is stable. In general, it is kind of normal phenomenon when people restore themselves after 24 hours exercise.
Generally speaking, every day people stick to 1 hour of physical activity, or travel 5,000 to 6,000 steps, they can achieve fitness. Doing exercise should go step by step. Each day, people walk gradually from 30 paces to 6000 steps and do not feel tired. People seldom feel asthma when climbing stairs. All above can prove fitness effect. We generally recommend suitable heart health assessment methods to objectively evaluate exercise, especially for old people reducing 170 formulas after movement. For example, a 60 year old person is safer when his heart beats keep in 110 times per minute after exercise (reduced to 60 by 170).
Remember to maintain a balanced diet. Balanced diet is the material base of scientific bodybuilding. Food nutrients contain indispensable sugar, protein, fat, vitamin, mineral and trace element, cellulose and water etc. Prandial balance includes amino acids, heat, nutrients, acid and alkali, etc.
Old people bodybuilding should notice the age limitation. We know high technology can help maintain peak condition, however, with the age keeping climbing, Physiological aging inevitably takes place. People understand their own age limitation and choose the most suitable method so as to continue the better fitness effect.

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Stay Fit and Healthy - Stay Fit After 50

Stay fit and healthy in your 50s

The dreaded 5-O, you've had the celebrations, endured the old people jokes, now you must look ahead at the next 30-40 years.

You may already experience health issues, if not you are certainly aware the risk greatly increases of adverse health issues when you're over the 50 age milestone.

Significant events start to occur in your life now. Loss of parents, and relatives and friends of their generation. You've probably got as far as you'll ever get in your career. You may feel vulnerable with all the career graduates making decisions that affect you.

Your children will have left or about to leave home, and you may even be a grandparent. This could make you feel positively old.

But, you don't need to face your 50s with fear and trepidation. Balance all the negative feelings with positive ingredients and you have the recipe for a rewarding life, and one to look forward to in your 50s and beyond.

Here are 5 suggestions to help you re-invent your outlook as you move into your 50s:

Stay fit and healthy

Your first priority is to stay fit and healthy, you then have the energy to do everything else. Exercise and diet. Yes, there are much more interesting things to do than concern yourself with exercise and diet, but you don't need to become fanatical.

Exercise needs to be a fitness activity you enjoy - walking, gardening, cycling, running, yoga or any activity that leaves you feeling out of breath and your heart pumping faster.

Ensure your diet contains fibre, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Scale down on junk food, and red meat. Watch the calories in what you eat. Limit consumption of food and drink high in sugar and saturated fats. And, drink lots of water.

Family and Friends

Make time for family and friends. This takes effort and probably not one of your high priorities, but you will feel better having made the effort.

Hold a dinner party with close friends where you all dress in black tie and evening dresses. Hold the party in your home to keep costs and ask your friends to bring wine or dessert. You all have a great time without it costing your fortune. Aim to do this two or three times a year so you have something to look forward to.


Volunteer for a community cause or your favourite charity. Follow their activities on the web and write encouraging emails and observations if you aren't in position to play an active role volunteering.

Your Biography

Ok, you're not a famous celebrity but your family, especially children and future grandchildren would love to know what life was like for you growing up. Your fears, aspirations, disappointments and achievements will mean a great deal to your children and grandchildren as you get older.

Stay fit and healthy, activate your brain

Find activities that stimulate your brain. Reading, Chess, Sudoku or playing or learning to play a musical instrument, even something as inexpensive as an acoustic guitar will keep you engaged and active mentally. There is research that shows that an active mind can reduce the risk of developing conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Staying fit and healthy in your 50s means you can have the life you want rather than the life you get.

Guest Post: Tim McGuire

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Looking for a Home Gym to Stay Fit?

Buying  a Home Gym.

Purchasing a home gym is a considerable investment as they cost more than most individual machines. If you have the space, and it doesn't take much, a home gym can be a worthwhile investment.

A home gym is ultimately the ideal setting for achieving your workout goals. Working out at home and building a home gym is a great idea since it is so convenient.

What you should look for in a home gym is one that allows you to target all your muscles groups. It defeats the purpose if you still have to go to your local gym because your home is deficient at allowing you to exercise one or more muscle groups.

Questions to ask before buying a home gym

Deciding on acquiring a home gym is not an overnight decision. You’ve already thought of where you are going to locate it in your home. A garage? You need to clear space and make it attractive so you look forward to using the home gym there. A spare room? This is the ideal, if you have one. In the absence of these options you will need to create space.

So what are your choices? Stick to known brands, probably more expensive but replacement parts and additional items will be much easier to acquire.
So where do you start?

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

 Checkout the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym. It gets a 4.5 star rating on Amazon. You get 60 exercise routines to try out so it will take a long time before you get bored. For Just under a $1000, you get a quality machine.

 This home gym is for muscle workouts and general fitness but it doesn’t offer the benefits of say a good quality cross trainer. If you need to practice cardio routines you need to think of some alternatives like boxing or running to get your heart rate up. If this is your first venture into the home gym market checkout the Bowflex Blaze.

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