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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Wear antiblister socks to prevent and treat your blisters

One of the challenges from exercising and working out especially running, walking, cycling or anything that involves your feet - is coping with blisters. Blisters while not life threatening, adds to the uphill struggle to stay fit and get healthy.

Some athletes and keep fit enthusiasts feel virtuous breaking the pain barrier. I’m not one of them. Nevertheless, blisters on your feet shouldn't be a reason to give up the struggle to stay fit. But, there's only so much discomfort you can take before you decide to put the running shoes or trainers out to pasture or in the shoe cupboard to collect dust.

Blisters are filled with serum, which is essentially blood plasma without fibrinogens (the red blood cells and clotting agents are removed). However, some blisters may be filled with blood (blood blisters) - if they become infected or inflamed they can also be filled with pus, according to Medical News Today.

Three elements need to be in place for blisters to flourish, moisture, friction and heat. All present on your feet when you’re wearing trainers or running shoes.

Unless you’re into barefoot trainers, you can’t really avoid the three elements above. So what can you do to reduce the incidence of suffering with blisters on your feet? Wear Anti-blisters socks. ProMaker, supply anti-blister socks that address the three elements above of moisture, friction and heat.

The antiblister socks are made from a fabric that draws moisture away. Moisture buildup is one of the most common contributors to foot blisters. The advanced moisture wicking fabric of the ProMaker Anti-Blister Socks draw excess moisture away from the skin to the outside of the sock where it can evaporate quickly.

The state-of-the-art Airflow Venting Panels improve air circulation. The antiblister socks have a special padding to reduce or remove the friction, usually the cause of the irritation that makes you acutely aware of the blister’s presence.

Combined, these advances in sock technology leave your feet cool, dry, comfortable and blister-free.

Wearing Promakers’ antiblister means you don’t have to suffer in silence with blisters on your feet or give up your exercise and workouts. If you’re like me, blisters on my feet would be a great excuse to procrastinate and leave exercise or workout for another day. Wearing antiblisters socks means you don't have to suffer with blisters on your feet anymore.