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Friday, 6 November 2015

Get in the right mood to lose wight

If you’re like me you eat even if you’re not hungry. For example, your work colleague returns to their desk with snacks or chocolates and you begin to feel hungry. Until that point, the thought of food never entered your mind.

All hopes of dieting, losing weight are dashed in that moment and you kid yourself with mantra, ‘I’ll start the diet and begin losing weight tomorrow’.

How you feel, your mood can be a major factor in combatting the struggle to reduce weight.
Mood Ring - Photo by Bob Smith

So how can change how you feel or your mood? Oils. Oils and their aromas can change our mood and how we feel about losing weight.

When thinking about aromatherapy and the different oils that can aid weight loss you should remember we’re all different. Different people respond very differently to different oils - there is no one oil that meets all requirements. Because a particular oil is good for one person it doesn't follow it is going to work for someone else. Different oils also react in different ways based on how you use them.

Oils can be inhaled, added to bathwater, massaged or burned and how the oils are treated can help affect our moods.
Photo by Yenhoon

Here are some of the oils to try out to get you into the mood to lose weight and overcome the struggle to stay fit and healthy.

If you crave sugar and spice and all things nice or sweet try the aroma of Vanilla oil - the sweet smell really should satisfy your desire for something sweet to devour.

Stress the by-product of modern life – there is a variety of oils which can easily help de-stress and calm the mind.  These are frankincense, jasmine, ylang ylang lavender, grapefruit, geranium, rose, sandalwood, benzoin, bergamot, mandarin, vetiver androman chamomile.

Down in the dumps where there is no light at the end of your particular tunnel but an oncoming train, get a boost from the pleasant aroma of jasmine oil.

If you feel your emotional state is not all it should be or you’re feeling depressed try juniper berries – the aroma should gently send the thoughts plaguing your mind right to the back so you almost forget. Ok, not a permanent solution but you get a temporary respite.

One of the tell-tale signs of depression is the need to eat to find comfort and make depression more palatable. Try these oils to conquer any depression symptoms and help with weight reduction include lemon, grapefruit, frankincense, clary sage,jasmine, ylang ylang, orange,geranium, sandalwood, helichrysum andorange blossom.

Putting scepticism aside, why not give at least one of these oils a go, the only thing you have to lose may be those extra pounds or Kilos.