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Friday, 21 February 2014

Stay fit, ride a pedibus

Stay fit on a Pedibus

Seeing a tandem cycle go by often makes you look twice. Imagine seeing a machine with not two but 10 people pedaling on some strange contraption float past you. You'll probably hear before you see a group of up to ten people, pedal past you. These people are taking a Pedibus or, a cyclebus.

I stopped in amazement as did a fellow a pedestrian as a Pedibus sped past us on a busy city road in London last summer.

Watching 10 people cycling, laughing and even drinking together on the same machine was fascinating. They were having fun.

See a Pedibus in action

Pedibus in London

Multi-cyclist drinking and riding. Adding and burning the calories simultaneously.

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LONDON PEDIBUS. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

'So...let's get this right ; we each pay £23 and then do all the work?...' This is a rather popular and certainly different way of sight-seeing around the personal preference is to go along the river on a boat...a big boat ...

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Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

Stay fit with an activity tracker

Do you remember a time when a watch was purchased just to tell the time? Then Came the fancy watches with chronographs, the calculators. Now have watches to tell you the state  of your body and health just as important as knowing the time if not more so. Wed, 12 Feb 2014 06:51:06 GMT

If you can't control yourself to do exercise and keep diet, you need a wireless activity tracker giving your help. All of them have advanced tracking.

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A Guide to the Best Activity-Trackers - The Next Web Mon, 11 Nov 2013 17:35:02 GMT

This year will be remembered for many things, but for anyone in the market for a dedicated activity-tracking device, 2013 welcomed more than a few fresh contraptions to the market. Indeed, with so many players now vying for ...

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Garmin Vivofit Fitness

Rеad mоre оn аmazоn.соm Garmin Vivofit Fitness Fitness Band That Moves at the Pace of Your Life Learns your activity level and assigns ...

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How to choose the best activity tracker - FLA.EDU.VN Tue, 18 Feb 2014 09:04:51 GMT

An activity tracker is a smart wearable mini-computer used to track your data in daily routine, then analyze it and display progress over time to help you gain healthier habits. It monitors your steps, heart rate, calories, distance, ...

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Stay fit, training barefoot

Barefoot trainers are really a compromise to running barefoot and running with specially formed running shoes that fit the contours of your feet. What makes them different from normal trainers is they have individual sections for each toe. Imagine a glove with individual ‘sleeve’s for each finger, with barefoot trainers there are individual ‘sleeves’ for each toe.

Why would anyone sacrifice the real comfort of branded trainers like say Nike to start exercising or training barefoot or nearly barefoot with barefoot trainers?

Well, Nike, of all companies discovered from their research that, “a foot sans shoe makes more natural contact with the ground. Without confinement, the foot moves freely, pressure is evenly dispersed among the foot bones and toe muscles contract to grip the ground—incorporating more muscles throughout the rest of the body”.

When you get home from work or college the first thing most of do after opening the door is take of the shoes or boots. We feel more relaxed and comfortable walking around our home without shoes or barefoot. On a humrous note, have you ever seen a dog, cat, or any animal that needs to wear shoes or footwear to walk around?

To make the transition to barefoot training, start out on a flat cushioned surface such as carpet or cushioned tiled flooring. If outside, look for a grassy area free of small stones and debris. You’ll find the experience liberating. No major conflict with common sense. But how do you protect your feet from sharp objects, rough terrain, tough tarmac, razor sharp blades of grass?

One of the leading products for barefoot trainers is the Vibram FiveFingers collection of training shoes which give atheletes the closet experience to training barefoot without actually training barefoot by protecting the sole of the foot and providing a footed grip. And, like Nike, the Vibram barefoot trainer are heavily into design.

If you want to experience barefoot training you try out barefoot trainers. They look odd but you soon get use to them.

Guest Post: Tim McGuire