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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Staying fit in middle age leads to healthy mind

How often do we read about the prospects of living to 100 are close to being reality. Improvement in medicine and health awareness are possible the biggest contributors in helping us extend our mortality. But, living longer with a poor quaility of life doesn't fil me with joy.

Now in my early fifties my short term memory suffers temporay lapses, forgetting peoples' names, where I put down my glasses or car keys. There is a technical name for this according to scientists - CRS, or Can't Remember Stuff, says David R Jacobs, a professor public health.

The solution to halting the decline in mental agility is physical agility. This article in the New Yorks times shows that if you you're middle aged or approaching this phase in your life, getting fit can help arrest mental decline.

The Benefits of Middle-Age Fitness -  

Even if you haven't previously bothered with exercise, getting fit in middle age appears to reshape the landscape of aging.

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And, from a practical view check out this you tube video that shows how to get fit without going to the gym. Let's face it, of you have the physique of a Mr Universe and surrounded by fit 20-30 year olds you're not likely to be in  a hurry to join a gym to gain a leap in your self esteem. Don't take the video too seriously and I'll ask you to forgive me in advance of the soundtrack...

Exercise for keeping healthy and looking young for middle and old age people


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