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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Should I get a personal trainer?

While personal trainers are favoured by celebrities and high powered , is a personal trainer within my reach? Am I being pretentious? Well, a personal trainer could in fact be the right solution to beat the struggle to become fit and stay healthy according to Nicole Dobernig on Infofit, North America's School for Fitness Professionals in her article Why Have a Workout Session With a Personal Trainer? - Infofit, by having a trainer is the swiftest way towards improving fitness and your overall health. Think again If you believe hiring a personal fitness trainer is just a waste of hard earned money; you cannot be more wrong. These fitness professionals are educated in every aspect of fitness so they can guide you reach your fitness goals in the swiftest fashion possible.
So how do you go about getting your own personal trainer? As with most personal services, a personal recommendation is the best route. But if you’re like me you’re not one for frequenting gyms so personal trainers and those who use aren’t likely to be in your circle of friends.
The Dr Fitness Blog has some great tips. The first one is checking that whoever call themselves a personal trainer are infact qualified as such. There are programmes that certify and check the competence of people calling themselves personal trainers.
When you first meet with a prospective personal trainer make the meeting an informal interview and probe how they propose to make you fitter than you are? Will they weight you every session, will they measure you bodyfat and how will they measure it?
Have a look at the Dr Fitness Blog for suggestions on selecting a personal fitness trainer so you make the right choice.
How to Hire a Personal Trainer (Part 2) « the Dr. Fitness blog Wed, 12 Nov 2014
Tai's fitness video below shows some of the fitness routines you can expect if you do decide to hire a personal fitness trainer. Tai's 14 minute video, doesn't show actual exercises but using a whiteboard he describes the schedule of exercises you could expect to practice on a daily basis. The video isn't too in your face and is easily watchable.
How To Create A Workout Routine (1 of 2) - By Personal Trainer Tai

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